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The Truth About Alice - Jennifer Mathieu

 I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book for my honest review.

    This book was WOW.  That is the only word I could think of  when writing this review. Eye-opening and riveting. I thought this book was well written and powerful. This book exposes the aftermath of lies, gossip and bullying. Powerful book and a wonderful read.  There are several reasons I think this book is so good.
    First, the different perspectives. This story is told by four different people and you get to explore there reasoning and get to know each one of them giving the story more depth.
  Second, the realism of this book. I felt like I was in this school, we have all been there. Hearing the rumors about one class mate or another. Never knowing the real story and getting swept up in all the talk. This book makes you remember the cliques in high school and perspective from all sides.
Third, Alice herself, she stays silent in most of the book. Just going about her life or what is left of it as the rumors fly and name calling ensues. We do hear her story and the last chapter is moving and wonderful.
 Lastly, I was shocked to find out this is Jennifer Mathieu first book so powerful and well written. I am looking forward to see what else se writes. I love finding new authors to read and this author now has a fan for life. 

Reading progress update: I've read 194 out of 262 pages.

If I Stay - Gayle Forman

This book is amazing


Review: Lady Thief

Lady Thief - A.C. Gaughen

 As soon as I put down book 1 in this trilogy (Scarlet ) . I started the next book. This was a wonderful sequel. With just as much action in the last book it was a roller coaster ride from beginning to end and I am waiting and wanting more. Twist and turns aplenty make this a great read and the third can not come out soon enough. I will be first in line to get this book I need to see what happens next. I want more. 

Review: Scarlet

Scarlet - A. C. Gaughen

This was one retelling of Robin Hood I enjoyed immensely. With all the beloved characters we know but with an interesting twist. Told through the eyes of Scarlet. I enjoyed this well known story but in a different perspective. We always see it through Robin Hood's eyes, now we see it as told by one of his Merry "Men". found this to be a unique and interesting interpretation of this beloved tale . A good read for anyone who likes action-adventure with mystery and just a touch of romance

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Dead [a Lot] - Howard Odentz

read this for my blog. Finding Netgalley very addicting. Does anyone know where I can get help for buying or requesting too many books?

If i Stay

Just started reading it up to pg. 90 and it is so good so far